Cam is a 4th Generation Celestial Warrior. She represents Capricorn, and was born on December 24th. At the time of her arrival to Domus Duodecim, she is 19 years old. She is from Vietnam, but her family immigrated to England when she was in her early teens. As a result, her English can sometimes be awkward or broken.


Cam is a very practical person, analyzing all the facts and making a plan before moving forward. She is very patient, willing to wait as long as necessary, and is cautious, not willing to risk what she has. On the flip side, she is very shy, and keeps to herself, preferring reading books over talking to people. She is also pessimistic, often not having the self confidence to move forward in her endeavors. At times she can often be quite detached, off in her own little world.

She can be described as having a meloncholic temperment.


Cam has a very simple look, she is a Vietnamese girl, about 5'4, with shoulder length dark brown hair, almond shaped brown eyes and a round face. She has a smaller than average body type, and prefers to dress simply.