Leeann, who often prefers to be called Lee, is a 4th Generation Celestial Warrior. She represents Leo, and was born August 1st. She and Seneca are best friends, and cousins.


Lee is headstrong and outgoing, She tries to be optimistic, and loves her friends, willing to sacrifice herself for them. She is kind, big hearted, and energetic, causing the people around her to instantly like her. She has good leadership skills, and often leads the group into battle. On the flip side, she can sometimes be very arrogant and dominating. When she does not have control of a situation she becomes angry and difficult to deal with.

Her temperment is described as Choleric.


Lee prefers an alternative look, keeping her thick golden blonde hair trimmed short, which naturally fluffs out and has the appearance of a lion's mane. She has dark gold eyes, and a beauty mark on her lower left chin. She has slightly tanned skin and a voluptuous body, which garners the attention of many people, admirers and their girlfriends alike.